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Get your cavities restored using white fillings

Get your cavities restored using white fillings

Posted by KARE DENTAL on Oct 30 2019, 03:30 AM

Get your cavities restored using white fillings

Cavities are quite common among individuals of all ages, especially children and teenagers. Dental cavities may be formed due to excessive consumption of sugary foods such as chocolate, candies, gummy bears, pastries, etc. Such cavities could put your oral health at risk and also ruin the smile.

How are cavities formed?

Eating sugary foods is the driving cause of cavities. But, in reality, the excessive microbial activity in the mouth leads to cavities. The bacteria in the mouth feed on the food debris left after we eat. During this, they release harmful acids that have the potential to erode the enamel. Over time, the microbes enter the deeper layers of the tooth and cause decay.

What is the solution?

The best way to restore a cavity-infected tooth is by using white fillings. They restore both oral functionality and aesthetics, thereby preventing the tooth from being extracted. Also, the procedure to apply a dental filling is very simple and requires just one visit to the dentist.


When you visit our practice in Redwood City Dental for the initial visit, Redwood City dentist, Dr. Trinh, would conduct a thorough screening of the oral cavity. This is done to identify the teeth infected by cavities and determine their severity. Based on the observations, we would recommend whether or not a tooth requires a filling.

Further, the decay will be removed from the cavity by means of a hand-held ultrasonic tool. Its tip vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies, which is used to remove the decayed tooth tissues from the cavity. A jet of water will be used to wash away the debris. Next, an etching solution will be applied to the cavity to roughen it. This procedure helps the filling to firmly adhere to the surface of the tooth, ensuring that it doesn’t slip off while biting or chewing.

Redwood City dentist, Dr. Trinh, would create a suitable filling material based on the color and texture of the tooth. It will be perfectly matched with the natural enamel, thus making it indistinguishable. The filling will be hardened using a curing light. A bite test will be taken to determine how well the filling has set in place and also the comfort of the patient while biting or chewing. If any changes are required, they will be made by trimming the filling. Finally, the filling will be polished to enhance its appearance.

What are the advantages of white fillings?

  • White fillings or tooth-colored fillings are made from either ceramic or composite. This makes them highly customizable in terms of color, texture, translucency, contour, etc.
  • When a white filling is applied to a cavity, it would be so natural-looking that anyone who looks at your smile cannot distinguish it from the natural tooth structure.
  • The sealing properties offered by the filling material is excellent. The microbes in the mouth cannot enter the cavity and cause reinfection.
  • The material used for the filling is biocompatible. It would blend in with the tissues of the teeth and cannot cause any infection, such as in the case of metal or amalgam fillings.
  • They are highly durable and long-lasting. With proper care, composite fillings last for several years together.

 Visit KARE dental at Redwood City to know more about white fillings, and we’ll be able to guide you further.

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