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If you are troubled of having lost several of your teeth, or all of them, Redwood City restorative dentist, Dr. Trinh can create comfortable dentures to improve your smile and enable you to resume to your regular teeth functions. At KARE dental, we understand the difficulties of missing teeth, and our restorative dental team works professionally and compassionately to bring back your confidence and ability to eat and smile easily. Our ultimate goal is the same as yours: allow you to laugh, talk, and eat with comfort and satisfaction with your family and friends.

What are dentures?

Your smile can now be restored to its elegant look and form with the help of dentures at KARE dental, Redwood City. Dentures are removable dental appliances to restore missing teeth. Our Redwood City dentist, Dr. Trinh creates dentures that can closely match the shade of your natural teeth.

KARE dental offers dentures in three forms

Full Dentures

Full dentures can replace an entire arch of teeth. They can be custom-made and designed to match the contour of your gum tissues. Full dentures can be securely placed into position with the help of dental adhesives. Dentures can also be removed for hygiene reasons unless they are implant secured. Redwood City restorative dentist, Dr. Trinh creates full dentures to create a perfect, balanced, radiant smile. In addition to restoring your natural bite and chewing ability, the full dentures at KARE dental also regain your youthful smile.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are different from full dentures. They do not replace an entire set of teeth, but a fair few of them. They can be clipped into position and removed to maintain hygiene.

Implant Secured Dentures

Implant-secured dentures are full dentures held firmly in place by dental implants. Redwood City restorative dentist, Dr. Trinh will, based on your bone thickness and personal habits, recommend removable implant-secured dentures or permanent implant-secured dentures. Implant secured dentures use specially designed dental implants to attach your dentures in place permanently. During your consultation at KARE dental, experienced Redwood City restorative dentist, Dr. Trinh will discuss which denture options are possible most appropriate for your physiology and your functional and cosmetic goals.

Modern Dentures Are Far Better

Technology has significantly improved the look and fit of dentures. Today’s dentures are comfortable, secure, natural-looking, and very attractive. Redwood City restorative dentist, Dr. Trinh is very experienced in denture placement and invites you to explore how dentures can benefit your oral health and social confidence.

Dentures are one of several restorative dental options to replace missing teeth. Redwood City restorative dentist, Dr. Trinh is trained and experienced in placing dental bridges and dental implants, as well as dentures. During your consultation and restorative dentistry evaluation at KARE dental, we will determine your oral health, your restorative options, and the different means of restoring your bite, smile, and self-confidence.

Learn more about restorative dental services when you visit KARE dental. Call Redwood City Dentist, Dr. Trinh at (650) 260-2600 to schedule a consultation today!

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